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Individual Session

2 hours

  • 2 hr
  • 120 Canadian dollars
  • Blind Bay Road

Service Description

Arrive 15 minutes early for your first session for an orientation. Arrive 5 minutes early for any regular session. Advance notice for limited mobility is required to reserve special parking. Please follow the parking instructions indicated on your appointment confirmation email. Ensure you are hydrated prior to your session. You will receive a complimentary bottle of water when you arrive and you may bring your own water with you to assist in the detoxification process. No food is allowed in the EESystem session room. Dress in comfortable, layered clothing for your sessions. Your body tends to cool-down as you relax, so you may get a bit chilly. You are welcome to bring your own blanket and pillow for extra comfort. We provide extra blankets and pillows as well if needed. Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the energy room. Please bring a pair of socks or comfortable slippers. We respectfully ask that you do not use your cell phone while in the EESystem room, so that you and the other guests can fully relax. If you must bring your phone in the room with you, please either turn it off completely or place it in the silent and airplane mode. If you use your phone for meditation or music, wear earphones and please be sure any sound does not interfere with the other members’ peace and quiet. Please don’t use heavy perfumes or oils, as some guests are sensitive to strong scents. Please bring a sleep mask if you’d like complete darkness. Just rest, relax or meditate. While in the EESystem, taking a power nap or meditating allows the body to enter a deeper state of relaxation, during which time, the body is better able to restore and repair more efficiently. Very light relaxing music may be playing during the session. If you prefer silence or your own music, please bring noise canceling headphones or a device with earbuds, so you can listen to your own media. After Care: It is extremely important to use a SEA SALT DETOX BATH or FOOT SOAK after each session, or within 24 hours of your session, to help with the detoxification process. Sea Salt Bath and Foot Soak Salts are available for purchase at Water's Edge Energy Centre. Soak for at least ½ hour. Continue to drink extra water. IMPORTANT: DO NOT TOUCH the EESystem screens or racks at anytime. The room is monitored by staff and security cameras. The system requires very intricate calibration to create a bio-photonic toroidal field and any interference will affect the functioning of the system.

Cancellation Policy

Water’s Edge Energy Centre shall not be liable under any theory or any purported damages or any and all consequences by use of The Energy Enhancement System Technology (EESystem™). Although there is on-going medical and clinical research on the EESystem™ it has not been rated or evaluated by Health Canada or BC Health Services. The EESystem™ Technology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. No guarantees expressed or implied are made about the use of the Technology. Results may vary between individuals. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Medical advice must be obtained from a qualified health care practitioner. The EESystem™ Technology does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and advice expressed by the EESystem™ Technology are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. I am aware that I may experience detoxification symptoms. I take full responsibility for drinking more than my average daily amount of water, taking sea salt baths, or other measures needed to facilitate the elimination of toxins as recommended by Water’s Edge Energy Centre and The EESystem™. Please be informed if you are a diabetic it is important to monitor your blood sugar as use of the EESystem™ Technology may lower the requirement of insulin following a session. I grant permission to Water’s Edge Energy Centre to use and share any testimonials or recommendations I may make about my experience in the EESystem™. I agree to indemnify and hold Water’s Edge Energy Centre, it’s interns, research assistants, and any third parties harmless from any and all liabilities, losses or damages caused by or arising in any manner from my participation and experience with the EESystem™. I understand the terms mentioned above regarding my Energy Enhancement System™ Technology experience. If I choose to end the session before the purchased time has expired, there is no refund. Please avoid contact with the EESystem TM screens or racks at anytime. The system requires very intricate calibration to create a biophotonic toroidal field and any interference will affect the functioning of the system. I will be charged a fee of $3,000 to cover the cost the cover of any damages. I have read, understood, and agree to the terms, conditions and information written herein above. 
I take full and personal responsibility.

Contact Details

  • 2331 Blind Bay Road, Blind Bay, BC, Canada


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